Other Mortgage Support Services


When arranging a mortgage the lender instruct a surveyor from their own panel to go to the property to undertake a basic valuation – for their own purposes.  This will not go into any level of detail regarding the condition of the property so if you are looking to have your own independent report then Cherry Tree Financial can recommend a very good and thorough surveyor. Depending on the level of detail you require various reports can be produced.



It is important to have a good solicitor when buying a property. This can make the difference between the purchase dragging or not. And a good solicitor will keep their client fully informed of progress. 

We only recommend to proactive solicitors who provide excellent service.

Wills & Trusts

Will Writing Services

It is important that everyone has peace of mind that their assets go where they would prefer them to go in the event of their death however more than two thirds of people in the UK do not have a Will. If you are purchasing a property whether it is a home or for investment it is crucial that you have a Will so this very expensive asset goes to your intended loved ones should you die. We work with Solicitors who are specialists in will writing and can advise and recommend a solution for you.



Trusts may be used where your beneficiary is incapacitated or too young to manage their financial affairs, for example. You can also use a Trust to protect the interests of children from previous relationships, reduce potential tax liabilities and ensure that as much of your Estate as possible goes exactly where you intend. A Trust gives you the reassurance that you can protect and control what happens to your assets and property after your death.